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The Dream
Obsidian Oz

Obsidian Oz - The Dream


The Alternative Pop/Rock studio wizard sets you free with this set of award-winning songs that have already conquered internet radio.


Obsidian Oz is the NY-based studio wizard who's already created a lot of buzz for himself by molding various influences, including The Moody Blues, The Beatles, Bob Marley and The Police, into his own, inimitable sound. While his style is most often characterized as alternative Pop/Rock, his high-energy, kinetic songs incorporate good doses of reggae, soul, R&B and 'British invasion' sounds and feature pulsing poly-rhythms, haunting melodies and an inspiring spirit which are truly his own.

Lyrically, Obsidian Oz's award-winning, original songs such as 'Foolish Heart', 'Return', 'You & I', and 'The Dream' strive to capture the essence of hopeful images, always rooting for the underdog against the backdrop of our human dilemma.


Obsidian Oz is the brainchild of Oz Middleton, longtime guitarist for many bands throughout the New York area, including popular Brooklyn band, The Soul Invaders.

An accomplished guitarist for many years, Oz decided to branch out into singer/songwriter territory in 2006 and very quickly found success on internet radio. Pulling from decades of musical inspiration, Oz created a large buzz for himself by winning Garage Band's Track of the Day for his single 'The Dream' in 2006. This success was soon followed by three consecutive 'Gold' statuses on the Fredio internet radio network, which saw Oz's songs reach hundreds of thousands of listeners.

In 2007, Oz masterfully translated his studio wizardy into a dynamite stage show by putting together a powerhouse seven piece band, which he named Obsidian Oz. The band continues to entertain crowds throughout the New York area, even while Oz's songs continue to air regularly on the MISC Radio Plus and Live 365 networks.

Roomful of Sky Records is extremely happy to give a home, on disc, to these songs which have already had great success in the digital music frontier.

1.     Foolish Heart                                                                                     3:08
2.     You & I     4:43
3.     Hope For     2:17
4.     The Dream     3:59
5.     Return     3:19

Words and music by Oz Middleton
Produced by Oz Middleton
Executive Producer: Phil Robinson

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Obsidian Oz
Obsidian Oz

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from this release go to:
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