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Arielle - Whet

Ride the wave of Rock Fusion: Lush vocals, innovative instrumentation, and nature's rhythms uplift your spirit, your creativity, and your passions!

Hew Your Senses

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Whet was recorded and mixed in NYC, Philadelphia, and San Francisco. Great talents from both coasts contributed to make the sound evocative and deeply emotional. Whet is a work of fluid musical stories that are experientially designed to get you feeling the music wherever you are now. So listen from the beginning all the way through for the full “Whet” effect: creating you and your life from within...


1. The CD begins with “Trippin'”. Done on the road, these rockin', bluesy rhythms make this the ideal song for travel and getting where you want to go today. So we begin our musical adventure with Mark's hoppin' harmonica, Bobby's swingin' leads, and Arielle's fun-lovin' vocals. Let's ride!

2. Next is “Ode”, a flowing rock melody. Love that watery guitar by Bobby Kane. The San Francisco Bay doumbek played by Kerry Wing (who also did most of the mixing for Whet) has a laid-back feel that will make you feel nothing can go wrong when you feel all right.

3. “In” is a uniquely arranged middle-eastern rock sound. Rock fusion at it's best. You get Jon Michael Swift's amazing sitar solos, Arielle's sexy vox and acoustic, Lindsay Haughton's sensual drums, and more. The lyrics and lush sounds may get you that harem of musical fantasies you always wanted.

4. “Indiscreet” is a rockin' electronic motif that will have you wondering what musical secrets lie in your heart.

5. “Sloshed” is an instrumental story with sax and flute played by one of the greatest musicians of Philadelphia- the famous Elliot Levin. Get drunk on the electric city vibes.



Trippin' - Arielle


6. “Curvations” expresses the electric rush of raw femininity.

7. “Bothways” leaves you smiling with its witty lyrics and emotional guitar solos. Why decide? When you have “Bothways.”

8. “Whet”, the title track, integrates deep ocean sounds, electronic vibrations, drums, bass, soothing guitar, and vocals. Get “Whet”!

9. “Neptunes” is a surreal, musical, spoken-word piece. Electronics by Brian K. James.

10. The final song “Beyond Eternity” features the indomitable Qin Qian, a former member of the Guangxi Symphony Orchestra in China, playing her specially tuned Er Hu (Chinese Violin). Is this sound a human cry of emotion or an instrument played through the cry of the human spirit? The flute and electronic cello by Erik-Peter Mortensen, and timpani enrich the full harmonies and lovely arrangement. “Beyond Eternity” is a prelude to Arielle's upcoming album Soar.

1.     Trippin'                                                                                    3:19
2.     Ode     4:20
3.     In     4:42
4.     Indiscreet     4:40
5.     Sloshed     1:33
6.     Curvations     2:28
7.     Bothways     3:29
8.     Whet     4:25
9.     Neptunes     1:22
10.     Beyond Eternity     3:45


Produced and Performed by Arielle

Dedicated to Co-Producer Phil Robinson
Art and Design by Camille Gomez

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