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Last Call (Digital Single)
Bobby Kane

Bobby Kane - Last Call (Digital Single)

Last Call, the debut single from Bobby Kane, features Roomful of Sky Records wizard Jason Vitelli on sax-- it's a perfect example of Kane's brand of alternative soul!



A message from Kane:

Imagine working in a horrible job. Imagine making little to no money from breaking your back every day. Youíre always tired. There is no one waiting for you at home and your only respite is a drink or two at your local pub.

After one especially difficult night at work, you let out all of you hopes, dreams and fears to one especially beautiful bartender. She is so kind, patient and understanding. Youíre feeling more and more intoxicated by her than the drinks. The alcohol has you feeling quite amorous as well. Though these feelings are unrequited, it becomes routine to make your way to the bar after a long night of slaving away.

You feel like life isnít so bad even if only for a little while. A finite joy is joy nonetheless.



Wonderful lyric and song (5 stars)
"I was thoroughly impressed with Bobby Kane's lyrics, arrangement, and soulful vocals. The subject matter is something to which I can totally relate. I love the contrasting sections, as they follow the character through his despair as the bar approaches "last call." Truly poetic!"

           -- Jake Elliot

Simply Amazing!! (5 stars)
"Bobby Kane's soulful voice and entrancing lyrics rumble through this honest song! His music is captivating and unique. I can't wait to hear more! You must buy this song!!"

           -- Jessica Lee NYC

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Words and music by Bobby Kane
Performed, recorded & produced by Bobby Kane

Saxophone solo by Jason Vitelli

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Roomful of Sky

Bobby Kane
Bobby Kane