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'Joseph Campbell: Jazz Musician'... Available Now!! 02.03.2015
Joseph Campbell Joseph Campbell: Jazz Musician, a loving tribute album which faithfully re-creates one of the renowned mythologist's little-known performances as a 1920's jazz saxophonist, is now available on CD and digital formats everywhere!

    Joseph Campbell: Jazz Musician    

Joseph Campbell: Jazz Musician
A Tribute to the Mythologist's Musical Side
Listen & Purchase:
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Before he became known as the preeminent mythologist of our time, young Joseph Campbell spent much of the Roaring Twenties playing saxophone in a New York City-based jazz band, during his years as a student at Columbia University. At its peak, the band regularly played some of the prestigious nightspots of Prohibition-era New York, which opened up exciting new worlds of experience for Campbell.

On this tribute album, The Louis Armstrong Society Jazz Band, along with producer Phil Robinson (of the Campbell-inspired rock band, The Bliss Jockeys), highlight this little-known facet of Campbell's life by faithfully recreating the lineup, style and repertoire of Campbell's band, while adding their own special touch.

Exclusive Liner Notes:

The CD includes extensive liner notes featuring a well-researched essay illuminating and exploring Joseph Campbell's jazz career, contributed by Joseph Campbell Foundation columnist Stephen Gerringer himself, exclusive to the physical edition.



"Joseph Campbell: Jazz Musician was created with the full cooperation of the Joseph Campbell Foundation (JCF). Kudos to producer Phil Robinson and The Louis Armstrong Society Jazz Band for their loving and faithful re-creation of what a night with Joseph Campbell's jazz band would have sounded like! And boy, does it swing...!"

-- Stephen Gerringer,
Joseph Campbell Foundation


"Phil Robinson has done a memorable service for the entire (worldwide) Joseph Campbell community. While widely recognized for his contributions as the outstanding (American, if not World) mythologist of the 20th century, Campbell has not yet been celebrated as spellbinding storyteller, writer of fiction, musician, and even visual artist.

In his evolution as "cultural creative" Joe paid much of his way through Columbia College by playing in jazz bands. Maybe it was his way of including the right (musical, artistic, creative) along with the left hemisphere of words that constitutes academia. As it was, he played in important public venues all around NYC and earned enough money to pay part of his college tuition and expenses.

His was never, ever, a one-sided intellectual mind; but one full of the vibrant rhythms and images of the ages!"

-- Stephen Larsen,
Author (with Robin Larsen),
Joseph Campbell: A Fire in the Mind - The Authorized Biography
and 10 other books.
Co-Director (with Robin Larsen),
The Center for Symbolic Studies



Experience 'Joseph Campbell: Jazz Musician' Now!!
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Jason Vitelli - New Album 'Confluence' -- on Soundkeeper Recordings!! 12.20.2011
Jason Vitelli Confluence, the arresting new album from Jason Vitelli, is available now on CD and digital formats from Soundkeeper Recordings!

    Jason Vitelli - Confluence (Soundkeeper Recordings)    

Jason Vitelli
Listen & Purchase:
Soundkeeper Recordings

A tour de force from Jason Vitelli, Confluence is a double album on one CD, and showcases Jasonís talents as a songwriter, vocalist, musician and arranger. The album features solo performances, duets and a trio as well as full ensemble pieces.

Tribe Song - Jason Vitelli

Recorded 'Live' In The Performance Hall

Confluence was produced, recorded LIVE in the performance hall (no overdubs!) and mastered by industry legend Barry Diament, who has created "the world's first 'purist' recording of pop/rock music (with real performances and unhampered dynamics)."

Barry Diament describes the recording process: "The dynamic range of the performances were left fully intact, so for the first time, that 'in your chest' feeling one gets in the presence of a real band is preserved... all the way to the record. All the tracks were performed live for the microphones and recorded direct to stereo with no overdubs or mixing."

The album's 17 songs range from ballads to all out electric rockers, all recorded "live" (for the microphones) and in stereo.


Experience Jason Vitelli's CONFLUENCE Now!!
Listen / Purchase direct from the label:

Soundkeeper Recordings

Joseph Campbell Mythology Lectures - Three New Releases!! 06.21.2011
Joseph Campbell Roomful of Sky Records and the Joseph Campbell Foundation (JCF) are excited to announce the digital release of three new titles in The Collected Lectures of Joseph Campbell!

In these three talks, Campbell illuminates such alluring topics as: Kundalini Yoga, the Seven Chakras, the Tibetan Book of the Dead, Karma and Hindu cosmology, as well as foundational texts the Vedas and the Upanishads.

Download now-- the journey awaits!!

    Joseph Campbell - Lecture I.2.4 - Imagery of Rebirth Yoga - Joseph Campbell Foundation (JCF)    

Joseph Campbell
Imagery of Rebirth Yoga
(Lecture I.2.4)

Listen & Purchase:
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    Joseph Campbell - Lecture I.2.5 - The World Soul - Joseph Campbell Foundation (JCF)    

Joseph Campbell
The World Soul
(Lecture I.2.5)

Listen & Purchase:
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    Joseph Campbell - Lecture II.1.2 - Mythology East and West - Joseph Campbell Foundation (JCF)    

Joseph Campbell
Mythology East and West
(Lecture II.1.2)

Listen & Purchase:
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An acclaimed author, teacher and mythologist, Campbell's thoughts on comparative mythology, first brought to public attention by such works as The Hero with a Thousand Faces and The Masks of God, were thrust into prominence by The Power of Myth, his television interviews with Bill Moyers, which aired just after Campbell's death in 1987.

Campbell's work is carried on by the Joseph Campbell Foundation (



The Mythic Symbology of Release - Joseph Campbell



Provocative and exhilarating, The Collected Lectures of Joseph Campbell draws together the acclaimed mythologist's most wide-ranging and insightful talks. The 90 titles that will ultimately comprise this collection provide an inspiring glimpse into one of the great minds of our time. .


Collect all 12 Joseph Campbell Lectures Now!!
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Mindy Dillard - 'Awakening Under Fluorescent Lights'... Available Now!! 03.14.2011
Mindy Dillard Awakening Under Fluorescent Lights, the stunning debut album from Portland-based performance artist Mindy Dillard, is now available on CD and digital formats everywhere!

    Mindy Dillard - Awakening Under Fluorescent Lights    

Mindy Dillard
Awakening Under Fluorescent Lights
Listen & Purchase:
iTunes  |  |  CD Baby

Utilizing her lyrical soprano and her black Martin travel guitar, Mindy creates story-songs which re-cast everyday objects such as cake, candles and bed sheets into mythical symbols which continue to resonate long after the music has finished playing. Awakening Under Fluorescent Lights is rich with Mindy's unusual finger-picking patterns and conversational narrative-- the collage-like songs sparkle with life and are spiked with sequences from her bizarre and fantastical imagination.

Mindy's voice is strong and her energy is dynamic, ranging from ethereal to jazzy to sounding like a comedic song from an ingenue in a musical. The instrumentation on this album includes electric guitar, lap steel, bass, cello, mandolin, and backup vocals from Mindy's favorite meat-slinging maidens. If you're a fan of music which gives you goose-bumps every time, don't miss this album!

Charitable Donation of Proceeds

Mindy Dillard is giving a portion of all proceeds from sales of Awakening Under Fluorescent Lights to National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA).


Praise for Mindy Dillard

"Theatrical and offbeat, Mindy Dillard rivets listeners with her left-of-center, asymmetrical amalgam of story/songwriting, magical realism, performance art, neo-feminism and depth psychology."
              -- Lisa Lepine ProMotion Queen, Portland, OR

"Mindy Dillard is a remarkable performance artist as well as a creative and brilliant songwriter. A beautiful lyrical soprano, she immediately captures her audience by taking the ordinary and turning it into the extraordinary. Her quirky, on the edge, performance will touch your heart and tickle your funny bone."
              -- Richard Columbo, Artichoke Music, Portland, OR

"Mindy is more than a musician. Her music/presentation/performance is exciting, delicious, intriguing, delightful. Her story words are unpredictable, her delivery keeps me glued and the pieces are consistently wonderful. I look forward to hearing and seeing more of Mindy Dillard."
              -- Carol Newman, Coast Community Radio, OR

"Mindy is a pure joy! Her fiercely unique perspective and theatrical approach to grassroots folk music is a delight. She lit up the room every time she performed here at the Redhare!"
"Mindy Dillard is the Conan of Folk Music!"

              -- Scott Docherty, Redhare Presents


Experience Mindy's Musical Alchemy Now!!
Listen / Purchase at your favorite site:

iTunes  |  |  CD Baby

Diane Wolkstein - 'The Magic Orange Tree, Vol. 1'... Available Now!! 09.28.2010
Diane Wolkstein The Magic Orange Tree and Other Haitian Folktales, Volume 1, the historic and long-awaited new collection from internationally-renowned storyteller Diane Wolkstein, is now available on CD and digital formats everywhere!

    Diane Wolkstein - The Magic Orange Tree and Other Haitian Folktales, Volume 1    

Diane Wolkstein
The Magic Orange Tree, Vol. 1
Listen & Purchase:
iTunes  |  |  CD Baby

Featuring stories culled from the over 400 Diane collected on her many trips throughout Haiti in the 1970's, this CD is the audio companion to her 1978 ALA Notable book, The Magic Orange Tree and Other Haitian Folktales.

Interspersed with songs and musical interludes performed by Diane and Shirley Keller, this new audio collection reveals the undefeatable spirit of Haiti to those eager to learn more about its unique and vibrant culture.

The Magic Orange Tree - Diane Wolkstein in Haiti

Charitable Donation of Proceeds

Diane Wolkstein is giving 10% of all proceeds from the sale of the Magic Orange Tree CD to Partners In Health, toward their "Stand With Haiti" campaign for the rebuilding of Haiti, following the decimating earthquake that happened earlier this year.


Praise for the 'Magic Orange Tree' Book

"Diane Wolkstein will go down as someone who made Haiti known to children and adults in America and around the world."
              -- Raymond Joseph, Haitian Ambassador to the U.S.

"It is a joy to have this book, not only to read it, but to listen to it. The Magic Orange Tree is a gift."
              -- P.L. Travers, author of Mary Poppins

"This book is sheer delight. Grown-ups of all ages, as well as children of all ages, will revel in it."
              -- Lillian Ross, The New Yorker

"Wolkstein is a person who can bridge cultures in such a way as to bring understanding, wit, humor and moral meaning along with the words."
              -- Barre Toelken, Journal of Latin American Literature & Arts


Praise for the 'Magic Orange Tree' CD

"With her melodic voice, total command of storytelling technique, and knowledge of the folk narrative of Haiti second to none, she provides a beautiful companion piece to her classic anthology and the definitive tribute to her adopted culture."
              -- Caren S. Neile, Ph.D., Chairwoman, National Storytelling Network

"For more than 30 years, the book version of the same name has been considered a classic for those wanting to learn more about Haiti's dynamic and resilient culture, and with the recent earthquake shaking the country's core, the CD could not be arriving at a better time. Songs are embedded in the stories and, along with various phrases, repeated periodically throughout. The CD as a whole takes on a tribal feel, and its simplicity of content and language is remarkably refreshing.It reminds us that perhaps it's not so bad to go back to the basics every now and then, allowing ourselves to enjoy a good story."
              -- Bev Spritzer, Shalom Life

"When Diane Wolkstein shares Haitian folk tales and songs from The Magic Orange Tree, she is giving us a rare glimpse into the heart of Haiti. Through her skillful telling we become participants, singing and clapping along with Owl, Donkey, Horse and Toad, Tipingee and her friends. As the stories unfold, we too experience joy, sorrow, triumph, and wisdom. The stories stay with you, like the echo of a song or the warmth of the late summer sun."
              -- Naomi Baltuck, President, Seattle Storytelling Guild


Experience the Spirit of Haiti Now!!
Listen / Purchase at your favorite site:

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Bobby Kane - Debut Single 'Last Call'...Available Now! 07.03.2010
Bobby Kane Last Call, the debut single from Bobby Kane, is now available on iTunes... and elsewhere!

Bobby Kane - Last Call (Digital Single)

Bobby Kane
Last Call (Digital Single)

Download ($0.99):
iTunes  |  Buy From Us

Last Call features Roomful of Sky Records wizard Jason Vitelli on sax-- it's a perfect example of Kane's brand of alternative soul(TM), and previews his upcoming full-length album!


(The Last Call video is still on the way, but in the meantime, check this out:)

Bobby Kane - Crazy (Live at Cafe Wha!?!)

iTunes Customer Reviews (A Sample)

Wonderful lyric and song (5 stars)
"I was thoroughly impressed with Bobby Kane's lyrics, arrangement, and soulful vocals. The subject matter is something to which I can totally relate. I love the contrasting sections, as they follow the character through his despair as the bar approaches "last call." Truly poetic!"

           -- Jake Elliot

Simply Amazing!! (5 stars)
"Bobby Kane's soulful voice and entrancing lyrics rumble through this honest song! His music is captivating and unique. I can't wait to hear more! You must buy this song!!"

           -- Jessica Lee NYC

Read all reviews (or write one) on iTunes!

Joseph Campbell Lectures - Featured in Parabola Magazine! 01.13.2010
Joseph Campbell Parabola Magazine, the much-esteemed journal of 'Tradition, Myth, and The Search for Meaning,' has cast a huge spotlight on our new Collected Lectures of Joseph Campbell series by featuring a special excerpt from the series in their newest issue, entitled The Future.


Joseph Campbell on 'The Future'

In a special arrangement with Parabola Magazine and the Joseph Campbell Foundation, series editor (and Roomful of Sky founder) Phil Robinson has selected a portion from the recently released Lecture I.1.5 - The Vitality of Myth, in which the always illuminating Campbell expresses his thoughts on a personal, creative and spiritual approach toward manifesting one's own future.

And Also... A Short Piece by Phil Robinson

And as a bonus, the new issue of Parabola Magazine also includes a short introductory piece by Roomful of Sky Records founder Phil Robinson, in which Phil shares a bit of his own journey, as well as the inspiration he's derived from Campbell's writings.

The new issue is OUT NOW-- look for it on newstands, or online!


The Collected Lectures of Joseph Campbell
Click HERE to learn more & purchase...

Joseph Campbell - Lecture I.1.1 - The Celebration of Life
Lecture I.1.1 -
The Celebration of Life

by Joseph Campbell
Joseph Campbell - Lecture I.1.2 - The Individual in Oriental Mythology
Lecture I.1.2 -
The Individual in Oriental Mythology

by Joseph Campbell
Joseph Campbell - Lecture I.1.3 - Symbolism and the Individual
Lecture I.1.3 -
Symbolism and the Individual

by Joseph Campbell
Joseph Campbell - Lecture I.1.4 - New Horizons
Lecture I.1.4 -
New Horizons

by Joseph Campbell
Joseph Campbell - Lecture I.1.5 - The Vitality of Myth
Lecture I.1.5 -
The Vitality of Myth

by Joseph Campbell
Joseph Campbell - Lecture I.2.1 - The Thresholds of Mythology
Lecture I.2.1 -
The Thresholds of Mythology

by Joseph Campbell

First Six Titles Available Now-- Many more to come!!


Jessica Lee - Debut Single 'Blue'...Now Available! 08.04.2009
Jessica Lee Blue, the debut single from Jessica Lee, is now available on iTunes... and elsewhere!

Jessica Lee - Blue (Digital Single)

Jessica Lee
Blue (Digital Single)

Download ($0.99):
iTunes  |  Amazon MP3

Blue, a fan favorite and Jessica's signature anthem at her live shows, is the title track from Jessica's upcoming full-length album.

The melody and lyrics are by Jessica Lee. The instrumental arrangement and chord progression are by Jessica's Roomful of Sky label-mate Jason Vitelli, who also performed on, recorded and produced the track.


(The Blue video is still on the way, but in the meantime, check this one out:)

Jessica Lee - I Know You

iTunes Customer Reviews (A Sample)

WOW! (5 stars)
"I love it! She has an incredible voice! Jessica delivers an amazing range and her lyrics are well written. I find myself singing along with it when I'm playing it and even when I'm not. I will be telling everyone I know about this new artist and I can't wait to hear more from her!"

           -- Jenny_8272

Music that draws you in... (5 stars)
"Great new single by a young artist, with a voice that is unique and connects with you emotionally."

           -- Judy Ann

Blue (5 stars)
"I love this song!!! I think she has an amazing voice. Her vocals are clear, edgy and different from the music being produced in present time."

           -- marlene107

Awesome voice! (5 stars)
"Jessica Lee has a beautiful voice! I love this song! Its great and I can't wait to hear more!! Looking forward to the whole album!"

           -- LaurenB22

Read all reviews (or write one) on iTunes!


Jessica Lee... Live in NYC!

If you're in the NY area, catch the excitement of Jessica Lee's full band live shows, as she continues to play the city's top venues. Upcoming dates:

Jason Vitelli - Available on iTunes... and Everywhere! 05.12.2009
Jason Vitelli No Photographs, the smash hit debut album from Jason Vitelli, is now available digitally on iTunes... and everywhere else!

    Jason Vitelli - No Photographs    

Jason Vitelli
No Photographs
Listen & Purchase:
iTunes  |  |  CD Baby

No Photographs is yet to receive a single review less than FIVE STARS.

With fan-favorite songs such as "June", "Last Rites" and "Apartment" on regular rotation on college and commercial radio stations throughout the NY tri-state area ( WBAR, WMCX, WTSR, etc. ), No Photographs in its physical release has already proven to be a huge success for this artist on the rise.

Jason Vitelli - Her Kind Eyes

Charitable Donation of Proceeds.

Jason has chosen to donate a portion of all revenue from sale of No Photographs to Project Renewal, and has also been helping to raise awareness for this NY-based organization at his performances around the city. Project Renewal's mission is to renew the lives of homeless men and women in New York City, and they are the only organization in New York that provides everything homeless people need to move from the streets to independent living.


The Industry Speaks!

"He's so good... so good... I just want to punch him!"
           -- Pete Fogel, Booking Agent at The Bitter End

"Jason writes wonderful, complex, catchy melodies, literate lyrics (not so common in pop and rock, from my perspective), he can rock, he's soulful, his songs are full of feeling and he's got a great voice that he uses as another instrument in his arrangements."
           -- Barry Diament, Soundkeeper Recordings

"Dude... that Jason guy makes some fun tunes."
           -- Robert Smith, Kenny's Castaways


The Fans Speak!

"Jason Vitelli is one of that rare breed called a lyricist. His songs are not minutes of repetitive hooks, with one decent stanza of story. His words and phrasing are what make every song he sings a complete story and completely his own. Easily switching through the very bluesy "June", the cry of "Zeta Male", and the moody instrumental 'Upon the Dead Avenue' this CD with Jason's warm tenor at the helm is graceful, straightforward, emotional. "No Photographs" is impossible to label and is just as impossible to put down."
           -- Raivenne

"Listening to Jason Vitelli's new CD,"No Photographs" is a like taking a journey through a myriad of musical genres, all performed with great musical skill and talent. Jason plays and composes on several instruments. This includes having a pleasing and impassioned voice. I have listened to this CD over and over again, and each time, the songs come alive with intriguing poetic lyrics and unique musical arrangements. I'm sure you will enjoy his music also!"
           -- Sandra Noble, Songwriter/Educator

"'No Photographs' by singer/songwriter extraordinaire Jason Vitelli could have been appropriately called "No labels." Mr. Vitelli touches on many musical genres in this auto-biographical collection of one man's journey through life. Kudos to Mr. Vitelli for his outstanding lyrics and vocals, and wonderful arrangements."
           -- Bob Borress


Setting Stages on Fire!

On the live front, Jason's blistering and bluesy performances continue to draw raves and large crowds at landmark venues throughout the NY area, including the legendary clubs The Bitter End and Kenny's Castaways, where he's a regular performer. Jason has started to bring his brand of music to colleges as well, recently selected to feature at Rutgers University's 2009 New Jersey Folk Festival.


Hear what all the fuss is about!!
Listen at your favorite site:

iTunes  |  |  CD Baby

All-Star Performances at Annual Birthday Bash! 05.04.2009
Roomful of Sky Audiences were treated to what became a 'Roomful of Sky All-Stars' show when Roomful of Sky label-mates Jessica Lee, Jason Vitelli and Bobby Kane (along with new friend Brandon Whightsel) joined Phil Robinson on-stage for his annual birthday show at Uncle Mike's in downtown Manhattan last month.

Bobby, Jessica, Jason, Phil & Brandon at the Birthday Show (photo by Inge Zuelich)
Bobby, Jessica, Jason, Phil & Brandon at the Birthday Show
(photo by Inge Zuelich)

Phil decided to commemorate the occasion by turning his show into a celebration of the warm community of musicians surrounding him at Roomful of Sky Records. The night highlighted each guest's unique vocal style, as each singer sang individual verses and the ensemble harmonized together on the choruses.


The performance included spirited renditions of some of Phil's favorite songs, including Woody Guthrie's Hard Travellin' and Bruce Springsteen's If I Should Fall Behind, sung as a celebration of the real-life friendship between the musicians.

The highlight of the night was most definitely Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah in which the ensemble's gospel harmonies hushed the otherwise rowdy bar into silence and sent shivers through the spines of the audience.

All-in-all, another great night of music! Look for some videos from this all-star summit coming soon to our site...

AVAILABLE NOW - The Collected Lectures of Joseph Campbell !! 03.30.2009
Joseph Campbell

Roomful of Sky Records, working alongside the Joseph Campbell Foundation, is proud to present this NEW ONGOING SERIES of digital releases of the famed mythologist's ground-breaking and inspiring talks...

Joseph Campbell, Master Storyteller

From the Star Wars trilogy to the Grateful Dead, Joseph Campbell has had a profound impact on our culture, our beliefs, and the way we view ourselves and the world.

Provocative and exhilarating, the 90 titles that will ultimately comprise The Collected Lectures of Joseph Campbell offer a glimpse into one of the great minds of our time, drawing together his most wide-ranging and insightful talks.

The First Three Releases - Available Now!
Click HERE to learn more & purchase...

Joseph Campbell - Lecture I.1.1 - The Celebration of Life
Lecture I.1.1 -
The Celebration of Life

by Joseph Campbell
Joseph Campbell - Lecture I.1.2 - The Individual in Oriental Mythology
Lecture I.1.2 -
The Individual in Oriental Mythology

by Joseph Campbell
Joseph Campbell - Lecture I.1.3 - Symbolism and the Individual
Lecture I.1.3 -
Symbolism and the Individual

by Joseph Campbell


Follow Your Bliss-- A Dream Come True for Roomful of Sky!

The works of Joseph Campbell (particularly the well-known Power of Myth series with Bill Moyers, frequently aired on PBS) have long been a huge source of inspiration for singer/songwriter and Roomful of Sky founder Phil Robinson.

Campbell's well-known catch-phrase, "Follow Your Bliss," represents a distillation of what he felt all the great wisdom traditions of the world ultimately convey to us: to give yourself fully to your own deepest calling and pursue your own unique path, regardless of the challenges. When you do so, you are not only living to your fullest-- some might even say 'divine'-- potential, but also bringing something vital, energizing and essential to the world-- something which couldn't be gotten from anywhere else, other than by your efforts.

It was in the heeding of this message and following his own bliss, that Phil started Roomful of Sky Records, and the creative community surrounding it, in the first place, and in which he was also inspired to formulate its own catch-phrase: "Paint the walls of your cage with a dream."

In a world full of larger and more established record labels and media outlets, Phil (and the entire Roomful of Sky family) could not be more thrilled and honored to provide a home for the recorded legacy of Joseph Campbell. We will continue to work alongside the Joseph Campbell Foundation in bringing these inspiring works to you in accessible audio form for years to come...

Follow your bliss... and amazing things DO happen!


Huge shout-outs to friends of Roomful of Sky: Carl Golembeski of G2 Audio Solutions (engineering), Richard Patterson (music, graphic design), Carisa Swenson (graphic design), Maura Vaughn (voice-overs) and David Crawford (engineering) for their huge contributions toward completing this ambitious audio release on a very tight schedule!

Phil Robinson - Interviewed by The Music Snob 01.17.2009
Phil Robinson Phil Robinson was recently interviewed by The Music Snob regarding his instrumental role in building and sustaining the large and vital community of musicians in New York City from which Roomful of Sky has formed.

The Music Snob regularly highlights voices and resources in our culture which aid independent musicians on their path toward success.

The Music Snob

In the interview, Phil discusses the spirit of the cooperative community he has helped to cultivate, as well as offers some insights straight out of his own experience becoming a successful musician in the city.

Read Interview - Part 1
Read Interview - Part 2

Obsidian Oz - 'The Dream' Now Available on iTunes 01.15.2009
Obsidian Oz Roomful of Sky adds another title to its growing list of releases carried on iTunes, the world's #1 digital music store!


Obsidian Oz - The Dream - iTunes      Obsidian Oz - The Dream - iTunes

Obsidian Oz - The Dream - Purchase on iTunes

Click HERE to purchase The Dream, Obsidian Oz's award-winning set of pop / rock / electronica tunes that have already burned up the charts on internet radio.

Learn more about The Dream HERE. Congratulations, Oz!!

Jason Vitelli - FREE DOWNLOAD! - 'June' from Upcoming Album 10.28.2008
Jason Vitelli

June, the lead-off single from Jason Vitelli's upcoming album No Photographs is available NOW as a free download!

No Photographs, which Jason describes as "an art-rock album coalescing from a story of turmoil," will feature 14 of Jason's popular originals in full, fleshed-out arrangements, including concert favorites 'June', 'Last Rites' and 'Lower East Sigh'.

We've been listening to the pre-press copy non-stop at the Roomful of Sky office-- it's a captivating listen, definitely reminiscent of 70's concept albums... Like all of Jason's work, guaranteed to set foot in your mind and take root deep in your spirit.

No Photographs is set for release in January 2009.

Stay tuned for an announcement regarding the New York CD Release Party!

Bobby Kane - Signs with Roomful of Sky Records! 10.06.2008
Bobby Kane Bobby Kane

NY legend, alternative soul singer BOBBY KANE signs with Roomful of Sky!

After a couple months of negotiations, we can finally announce that Bobby Kane has officially joined our roster!

Bobby needs no introduction to NY music fans-- he's already nurtured quite an extensive following along the East Coast, and is well known for his incredible voice, stellar guitar playing and smooth, larger-than-life persona. He attracted the attention of label founder Phil Robinson, when they played a couple of the same venues on the same nights in the city-- in short, Bobby's performances left Phil gob-smacked. See for yourself, in this video:

Work has already begun on preparing Bobby's new album of contemporary soul songs, entitled ICARUS: Songs of a Fallen Angel, for commercial release on Roomful of Sky Records. The album will tap some of the production wizardry of Roomful of Sky label-mate Obsidian Oz.

Label founder Phil Robinson comments, "Signing Bobby is a huge coup-- having such an established artist, and one of his caliber, really takes us to a whole new level as a label-- it really opens up all kinds of possibilities as to where we can go with it. Plus, for me personally as a mythology buff, I find the album's Icarus-based theme very alluring."



To mark the occasion, Bobby is the featured performer at Roomful of Sky's next monthly Acoustic Showcase at Hayko's, on Saturday, October 18th.

Special guests Kitch will also be playing.

7:00pm, Saturday Oct 18th

Hayko's Turkish Carpets
857 Lexington Avenue
(at 65th Street)
2nd Floor
New York, NY 10065

Dave Sasscer - Radio Play on WFUV 90.7 09.08.2008
Dave Sasscer Dave Sasscer's song, Jon Stewart is God, has been featured on radio station WFUV, on Vin Scelsa's Idiot's Delight.

The song is the first single from Dave's recently released album, Quiet Mind (listen/purchase Here).

WFUV is station 90.7 in the NY metro area-- for those outside NY, you can catch the spot on the August 16th episode archived online on the Idiot's Delight site.

Way to go, Dave!

Phil Robinson - New Video for 'Is It True' 09.03.2008
Phil Robinson Phil Robinson, lead singer of The Bliss Jockeys, has been continuing his very well-received series of intimate, solo acoustic shows around Manhattan and Brooklyn these past couple months, in preparation for recording his solo album.

Phil's June show at Stain Bar was recorded by video producer Michael Thurston (from The, for a future project.

Here's an excerpt-- Phil performing Is It True, one of his quiet, introspective songs from the upcoming album. Enjoy!

Phil Robinson - Is It True
Dave Sasscer - New Video for 'Quiet Mind' 08.27.2008
Dave Sasscer Dave continues to conquer the world with his latest album, Quiet Mind.

Here's the new video, featuring the song Quiet Mind, which is not only the title track but also the second single from the album, following the first successful single Jon Stewart Is God.

Dave teamed with Director Aris Ziagos of RiotScience Productions for this one, and it's a beauty!

Dave Sasscer - Quiet Mind
New Acoustic Concert Series at Hayko's Turkish Carpets (NY) 08.24.2008
Roomful of Sky Who would have thought that a Turkish Carpet store on Manhattan's Upper East Side would become one of New York's premiere venues for intimate living room-style concerts?!?

But, that's exactly what's happened!

Support for our recent ACOUSTIC SHOWCASE concerts at Hayko's Turkish Carpets has been so overwhelmingly positive-- that we've entered into a partnership with Hayko's to make our acoustic showcases there an ongoing series...

Obsidian Oz at Hayko's Turkish Carpets (photo by Phil Robinson)
Obsidian Oz (Unplugged) at Hayko's Turkish Carpets

Each month, Hayko's will host a night of some of our finest NY musicians in an intimate, once-in-a-lifetime living room-style setting (complete with Hayko's famous Turkish coffees and teas).

We already have local favorites Rich Casella, Dave Sasscer, Bobby Kane, Kitch, Jason Vitelli and Phil Robinson on the schedule in upcoming months-- check the Upcoming Shows page for all the details!

Jessica Lee, Jason Vitelli and Phil Robinson - Rockin' the East Village 06.18.2008
Jessica Lee We just had to post this great picture from Jessica Lee's triumphant performance at The Fortune Cookie Lounge from a couple weeks ago.

Jessica's band is notable for uniting three Roomful of Sky artists in the same band: Jessica Lee, Jason Vitelli (guitars/keys) and Phil Robinson (guitars/harmonica). As usual, the lineup was rounded out by Maria King (vocals), Bob Borress (drums) and newcomer Kirk Bailey (bass).

In addition to the knockout performance of originals from Jessica's upcoming album, the crowd was treated to a couple choice covers as well, including 'Drops of Jupiter' by Train and 'All These Things That I've Done' by The Killers.

Jessica Lee at The Fortune Cookie Lounge (photo by Lindsay Armstrong)
Jessica Lee at The Fortune Cookie Lounge (photo by Lindsay Armstrong)

Check for more upcoming shows from Jessica, Jason and Phil on our Shows page!

Obsidian Oz - CD Release Concert on May 28th 05.01.2008
Come celebrate the release of Obsidian Oz's new album, The Dream, at Sullivan Hall right in the heart of the Village.

This performance will be filmed for an upcoming video to be released by Roomful of Sky, so get dressed up and come and be a part of it!!

Advance copies of the CD will be available for purchase as well.

Obsidian Oz at The Baggot Inn in January
Obsidian Oz at The Baggot Inn in January

Check all the details on our Shows page.

Dave Sasscer - Featured in Under The Radar Magazine 04.03.2008
Dave Sasscer Under The Radar Magazine is currently featuring the title track from Dave's latest album, Quiet Mind, in the prestigious 'final track' position on the New Artists CD sampler included in their latest issue.

Under The Radar Magazine, of course, is "The Indie Magazine that is the solution to music pollution" and is available at newsstands everywhere.

The UTR sampler CD is known as a proving ground for new music, has broken numerous new, hip bands and is on the cutting edge of today's 'take no prisoners' music business. Check them out HERE.

(You need to be a subscriber to the magazine in order to receive the CD compilation.)

Congratulations, Dave!

Dave Sasscer - Great 'Quiet Mind' Review at Pitch Perfect 03.24.2008
Dave Sasscer Dave's latest album, Quiet Mind, is continuing to generate buzz and the positive reviews keep on tumbling in.

Now, Pitch Perfect has given the album 4.5 out of 5 geetars!

Read the full review HERE.

Arielle - Rockin' the Baggot Inn 03.11.2008
Arielle Just wanted to say congratulations to Arielle, one of our newest artists, who was the featured showcase at The Baggot Inn downtown in the Village last night.

Arielle delivered a powerful solo set of all original songs, most of which will be featured on her upcoming debut album, Whet.

Everyone who was there last night knows that Arielle can be a force on stage, with the intensity never letting up even as she alternated between sweet, intimate vulnerability and raw aggression.

Here at Roomful of Sky, we're excited to finally have the opportunity to capture some of that energy on record-- in the meantime, be sure to catch one of her next shows if you can!

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