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These musicians, while not directly signed to our label, are vital members of our community--
they often share the bill with our artists at special Roomful of Sky events!

Brandon Whightsel     Brandon Whightsel

Brooklyn represent! Our new friend Brandon immediately won us over with his unique guitar stylings, rural-tinged vocals and warm presence on-stage and off.

We're very happy to have him along for our live shows!

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Cadillac Dorman     Cadillac Dorman

The Brooklyn invasion continues!

These talented rootsters bring that deep, satisfying earthy sound to harmonica-soaked originals as well choice covers from the likes of Bob Dylan, Hank Williams and others.

With an edgy electricity and tight vocal harmonies, Cadillac Dorman re-cast even the dustiest rural traditions into something to satisfy even the most discerning urban ears!


Carolyn Ota     Carolyn Ota

Originally from Hawai'i, Carolyn Ota is an NYC singer-songwriter performing in clubs, festivals and coffeehouses around Manhattan.

She mixes chant, life inquiry & jazzy folk-soul elements to make acoustic, spirit-searching world music.

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Chuck Dorman     Chuck Dorman

A dedicated roots musician, and a major ingredient behind the success of popular area bands Cadillac Dorman and Shabantu, Chuck Dorman steps out as a solo artist with great power in his own right.

An earnest vocalist, pulsating rhythm guitarist and bluesy harp-blower, Chuck has thoroughly absorbed the spirit and repertoire of influences such as Bob Dylan, Hank Williams and Woody Guthrie. Whether singing traditional classics or his own originals (and you most likely won't be able to tell the difference!), Chuck is a true populist musician in the everyman tradition. We're glad to get him in any way, shape or form we can!


Chuck Heery     Chuck Heery

A life-long poet, Chuck has recently started joining his words to music and in the process has discovered (to the benefit of us all) that he also possesses an incredible singing voice and deep musicality. Toss in his familiarity with rootsy campfire instruments (folk guitar and banjo), a healthy dose of charisma and charm, and you have the makings of a natural singer-songwriter. Are you sure he hasn't been doing this for years on a secret island somewhere!?!

Chuck is an emerging artist who has helped to feed, and in turn be nurtured by, the Roomful of Sky community, and we're very proud of him as a stellar example of our homegrown talent. Chuck is one to watch!


Daniel Goodman     Daniel Goodman

"The evening was filled with deep meaningful music that begged to be listened to. Daniel's songs are like poems set to music, each one captivating and enthralling. His voice gravely and strangely seductive seduces the listener making them want to hear more." --The Roots of Rock

Daniel graduated from the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, with a focus on Jazz Performance. Since then, Daniel has performed in various jazz groups in both the New York City and Boston metropolitan areas, before eventually returning to his first love: traditional American folk music.

Now, his writing style comes from many diverse sources and influences, including Bob Dylan, Woody Guthrie and the traditional music of the Appalachian region. An internationally touring artist, Daniel has recently released his first CD, "Such A Fine Day... and Other Days" to spectacular reviews, and performs regularly throughout some of New York's, England's and Italy's top venues.

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Dave Rudbarg     Dave Rudbarg

"Dave's voice has the growl of a bluesman and the depth of a church organ: it's Van Morrison and John Lee Hooker digging for gold in the back alley. This is a guy whose voice is as big as his heart. Go ahead and Listen to the Lion."
           --Jay Schadler, ABC News correspondent

Put together a great big powerhouse soul singer with world class players... flavor liberally with roots music, class, sass,and soul, and you have Dave Rudbarg & Friends-- the awesome blues / rhythm & blues / roots rock band which has been tearing it up at every last saloon, pub, bar and roadhouse in the New York City area.

Members of Dave's outfit are true world-class musicians, having shared stages around the world with the likes of The Doors, Paul Rodgers, Sting, Joe Cocker, Joe Jackson, Elvis Costello and Same Moore. Roomful of Sky is excited to bring their whiskey-soaked brand of musical mayhem to you, right here in NYC!


The Thrill Is Gone (written by Roy Hawkins and Rick Darnell)
Dave Rudbarg & Friends


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David Rothenberg     David Rothenberg

"There is music in nature and nature in music. What may be most wonderful is that we can love and be immersed by both without needing to understand how the two are forever intertwined. It is enough to know that they are." -- David Rothenberg

Musician, composer, author and philosopher-naturalist David Rothenberg plays clarinet with a band of birds and crickets and writes thoughtfully on the deep connections between humans and the natural world.

His highly regarded albums and work as founding Editor of MIT Press's Terra Nova Books series, have earned him a unique place in the landscape of thoughtful creative humans wrestling with (and honoring) the kinship ties which bind us to the earth and its creatures.


David Rothenberg plays with beluga whales in Russia



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Elena Giordano     Elena Giordano

Elena is a unique channel of expression. With a firm belief that music has the ability to heal and transform, the power of emotion comes through clearly in her lyrics and delivery. An adrenaline junkie by nature, Elena writes with passion. Elena tackles her craft with maturity and wisdom and is humbly learning every day.


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Elisa Lovelie     Elisa Lovelie

* What tastes just like glitter mixed with Rock and Roll? *

Classical opera singer turned jazz-rock songstress, Elisa Lovelie has always had a taste for blending musical genres. Whether she's fronting her blues rock band (Elisa Lovelie & The Device) or dazzling audiences with stripped-down acoustic sets featuring her original songs backed only by cello, viola and banjo, every show holds a little surprise.

A love of vaudevillian cabaret and a flair for theatrics have become her live performance trademarks-- after all, one never knows when Miss Lovelie will put down her guitar mid-song in favor of a little belly dancing, or throw in a classical interpretation of a rock standard. We guess you'll just have to be there to find out!


Fly Me to the Moon (written by Bart Howard)
Elisa Lovelie


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Ellen Weiss     Ellen Weiss

Our longtime collaborator (and one of the fantastic singers from The Bliss Jockeys!), Ellen plays blues and folk-tinged originals, and accompanies her stunning vocals with some mean guitar, keyboard and harmonica-playing.


Dance in the Rain by Ellen Weiss



Jaclyn Shaw     Jaclyn Shaw

Jaclyn Shaw, a native New Yorker, just returned to New York after her tour across America.

The tour started the day after she released her long awaited Classical-Soul-Folk CD, Thread of Red. Thread of Red is a compilation of 8 heart-wrenching, soul-searching songs. Jaclyn's sound is a tasty mixture of classical guitar picking/strumming and a smooth, expressive vocal style.

You may have seen Jaclyn as an active advocate of "Live Your Art," a group she started in Staten Island that meets monthly or perhaps you have seen her hosting open mics in the New York City area. Jaclyn's passion for living her art, and fearlessly embracing her individuality is reflected in the music she writes. Her style is quite unique as she often finesses quirky chords into her highly intricate music.


"Words" (Official Video)
Jaclyn Shaw


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James Ruff     James Ruff

"From Shackles To Wings..."

James Ruff always packs the room and fills his shows with his charismatic and wildly energetic presence, heartfelt lyrics, and laughter. He brings to life his stories with the use of polyrhythmic, groove-stirring world rhythms, folk attitude and poetic eloquence.

At Roomful of Sky, one of our favorite features of his shows is the wonderful dancing of his partner Emily Sinnott, who unleashes a world of motion while James fills the room with his voice and guitar!

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JJ Bang     JJ Bang

JJ Bang is a well-known pop star from Korea who tours internationally and has recently started to take over the New York market.

JJ spreads an earnest message of love and laughter through his music, and each of his 4 CD's (as well as his ringtones and published songbook!) have enjoyed great success. We're privileged to play a small part in helping JJ gain his foothold here in New York!


jKb freedom jazz     jKb freedom jazz

Fierce poly-rhythms and dramatic phrasing!

With a soundscape ranging from total free improvisations to structured tunes, this Brooklyn-based jazz ensemble performs many hard-bop and blues standards. Guest vocalist Lisa Trenary also lends her amazing voice to many of these standards, reminiscent of the stylings of Ella Fitzgerald and Nina Simone.

At its core, jKb is a partnership between alto saxophonist Jason Vitelli and drummer Bob Borress (Bob was previously the drummer of the Jessica Lee band). The ensemble's music has a complex rhythmic framework, often combining rock, funk, swing, and latin figures.


Love Me or Leave Me by Donaldson/Kahn
jKb freedom jazz (featuring Lisa Trenary)



Josh Friedman     Josh Friedman

Dude, this guy can play.

How to describe Josh's skill-set? Imagine a prodigiously-talented jazz guitarist, trained for four years at one of the world's leading jazz academies, whose style and tastes are also informed by countless late nights spent listening to Phish and Grateful Dead bootlegs and choice Frank Zappa studio cuts. Throw in a disciple's earnest reverence for musical tradition, an open-minded willingness to learn from even the most unlikely sources, and the humble deference of a born team-player. Throw all the above in a blender, add a touch of goofy humor, and you start to get a sense of the musical world Josh inhabits with ease.

In addition to his own fantastic jazz outings, Roomful of Sky is also excited to have Josh onboard as guitarist of The Bliss Jockeys!

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Julia Barry     Julia Barry

Julia Barry is an indie pianist, singer, and songwriter based in NY.

Knocking on trouble's door with gritty sweetness, Barry's songs describe wonder and longing across genres from jazz to funk to bossa nova. Her live sets have been described as "mesmerizing" and "haunting," and you can catch her performing solo or with a band across the U.S., especially in NYC.


Last Request by Julia Barry


Official Site  |  Facebook  |  Twitter  |  SoundCloud      

Katie Letts     Katie Letts

A recent transplant from Texas, this bluesy firecracker is already making a splash in New York with her powerful voice, incisive songs and choice covers! Catch her while she's still playing places small enough to get a ticket...


Girl's Night Out by Katie Letts



Kitch     Kitch

A seasoned acoustic duo with powerful pipes and powerful guitar playing-- guaranteed to deliver some goose-bump moments every time they play!

Watch out for their amazing cover version of Hallelujah, in addition to their own amazing originals...


Light Warriors     Light Warriors

In today's onslaught of negative information and soul destruction, we need a warrior mentality to remain positive.

Light Warriors takes conscious music by singer-songwriters to the next level, fusing multiple styles from pure experimentalism and improvisation to dub reggae, dream pop, jazz and folk. The positive energy and message is clear for those willing to receive.

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Matt Kanelos     Matt Kanelos

"Kanelos crafts tunes that sneak up on listeners - that begin harmlessly but ultimately overwhelm with the weight of their poignancy, sorrow and joy." --NPR

A Chicago native, Matt Kanelos studied classical and jazz piano at Chicago Musical College before moving to New York City. He developed his songwriting concept while studying creative writing at the City College of New York. Matt's lyrical stylings and minimalist musical aesthetic bring to mind influences like Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Will Oldham and Cat Power.

In 2008, Matt formed the band The Smooth Maria with Ben Gallina, Conor Meehan, and Kyle Sanna. The Smooth Maria have attracted a dedicated audience in New York City with their unique balance of refined musicianship and vivid poetry. They perform frequently at acclaimed New York venues like the Living Room, the Rockwood Music Hall, Pete's Candy Store, and Barbès. Their first full-length CD, "Silent Show," was released in May of 2009.


River Song by Matt Kanelos (w/ Kyle Sanna & Roland Satterwhite)


Official Site  |  NPR Story  |  MySpace  |  Facebook      

Mister Diva     Mister Diva

Cedric Jones, the irrepressible showman and fantastic vocalist known as Mister Diva, delivers stirring renditions of The Great American Songbook, backed by his crack musicians. You'll know these songs and find yourself singing/clapping along the WHOLE time!!

Official Site  |  Facebook      

Myriam Phiro     Myriam Phiro

Born and raised in the province of Quebec, Canada, Myriam Phiro now travels the world bringing her elegant and energetic vocals and electrifying stage presence to places as far-spread as New York, Montreal and Switzerland!

Having recently released her first CD, "My Reverie", Myriam graduated from the American Musical & Dramatic Academy in NYC, with a musical theatre conservatory degree. She ranges from a seductive and elegant jazz singer to an energetic swingdancer, passing through a classical theatrical play in a heartbeat!

When Myriam is in NYC, she works creatively as part of the indie rock/gospel band, The Bliss Jockeys, as one of the 7 members of the strictly-female choir. In addition, she works regularly as an actress, cabaret singer, model & dancer. Fall in love with her at her next appearance!


Fais-moi mal, Johnny (written by Boris Vian)
Myriam Phiro, Live in NYC


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Noe Venable     Noe Venable

"Ravishingly melodic!" --Ani Difranco

"Here we have a homegrown, full blown young musical visionary, and a window into a part of the new San Francisco sound. This train is headed somewhere"

Noe Venable is a singer-songwriter, composer, and poet. Having honed her songwriting and musicianship within the context of San Francisco's rich experimental and jazz music scene, Venable has gone on to somewhat wider recognition through the release of five albums, as well as several national tours opening for such artists as Ani DiFranco and They Might be Giants.


Noe Venable :: Swim With Me (official video)


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Phil and Jessica     Phil and Jessica

Roomful of Sky artists Phil Robinson and Jessica Lee occasionally team up for this fun side-project: a duo featuring just the two of them!

Phil and Jessica have been playing in each other's bands for a while now, but like to take advantage of this one-on-one format to try out fun covers, quirky originals and new two-person arrangements of each of their songs--

It's always a night of fun surprises!

Phil Robinson  |  Jessica Lee      

Rich Casella     Rich Casella

The incredibly popular guitar wizard. Plays like no one else on Earth-- needs to be seen to be believed!


Straight From Hell by Rich Casella


Official Site      

Scarlet Street     Scarlet Street

"...your soul learns to sing out in scarlet..."

Scarlet Street was the name of the performance duo comprised of Phil Robinson and Jason Vitelli, which was active throughout 2006 and 2007.

The two-person format enabled both Phil and Jason to take their first steps penetrating into the NY live performance scene together, and was also a creative testing ground for each's original songs, many of which would later become more fleshed out in each's solo acts as well as in Phil's subsequent band, The Bliss Jockeys.

Although the partnership dissolved in its initial two-person format, Phil and Jason have gone on to play both together and separately in a variety of different lineups and are still frequent guests at each other's shows and in sharing gigs...

Phil Robinson  |  Jason Vitelli  |  MySpace      

Shoot The Messenger     Shoot The Messenger

"Bob Dylan meets David Byrne; they fall in love, & have babies named XTC & Barenaked Ladies..."

Shoot The Messenger is the name used by musician/songwriter Rob Frail and his pool of talented collaborators.

Performing in music festivals and local New York City clubs since 2004, Shoot The Messenger is known for their award-winning songs, tight vocal harmonies, and socially-conscious lyrics that recall the heydey of the 60's folk movement.

For fun, next time you see Rob, ask him if he still considers the country we live in to be a democracy...

Official Site      

Stuart Tracte     Stuart Tracte

Stuart Tracte is a new friend of the label. We found him singing his heart out at a house party on New Year's Eve and immediately booked him for a spot in our music series. A passionate performer, we know you'll be as thrilled with him as we are!

(And Stuart, feel free to bring along that throng of giddy women that was singing along and swooning all over you that night...! ;-)


Tyme for Tea     Tyme for Tea

All the way from Astoria, Queens, the alternative duo T. Cat and Sugarcube bring their brand of emotional songwriting and excellent singing to us under their new name, Tyme for Tea.

We love their work in other current bands Cadillac Dorman and Katie Letts; it turns out that these two on their own have quite a distinctive flavor as well...

Come check them out!


A Better Three Words by Tyme for Tea


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Valerie Gomes     Valerie Gomes

Valerie's been writing and performing her own brand of blues-inflected folk/world music in New York City since the late 80's.

She's performed at The Bitter End, Jane's Cafe, The Baggot Inn, The C Note, CBGB's Gallery, Orange Bear, The Triad, Rose's Turn, Kenny's Castaways, Don't Tell Mama, and many other New York night spots. She's been on WBAI radio and performed her "Tower Song'" at a Sept. 11th fundraiser at the B'hai Center. Val sings and arranges backup vocals for many New York musicians, and has credits on many artists' CDs.

In addition to her own fantastic music, Roomful of Sky is also excited to have Valerie onboard as one of the soulful members of The Bliss Jockeys!


Illusions, Live at Sidewalk Cafe
Valerie Gomes


Official Site  |  MySpace      

Victor V. Gurbo & Co.     Victor V. Gurbo & Co.

Victor V. Gurbo is a Folk-Rock, Roots, and Americana performer born and raised in New York City. Heavily influenced by the canon of American poetry and song, Gurbo composes his own material and emanates a contemporary vision of the music that has shaped him. He is known for his lyrical capabilities and craft of story.

Victor V. Gurbo & Co. was voted Brooklyn's top band in WNYC & WQXR's "Battle of the Boroughs" at The Greene Space.

Victor V. Gurbo & Co. has performed at such venues as WNYC & WQXR's Greene Space, The Bitter End, The Living Room, Arlene's Grocery, Jalopy, Bar Matchless, Tainted Blue Production Studios, Crash Mansion and many more. Victor V. Gurbo has guest appeared at Irving Plaza, The Highline Ballroom, The Bellhouse, and The Gramercy Blender Theatre. The band has been featured in The Brooklyn Ink, The Spectator, The Kingsman and more.


Burnin' the Manor Down, Live in The Greene Space
Victor V. Gurbo & Co.


Official Blog  |  Facebook  |  Twitter  |  MySpace  |  YouTube  |  Sonicbids      

Villalobos Brothers     Villalobos Brothers

"Aliens of Extraordinary the latest CD from these young brothers who grew up in Veracruz, Mexico, and now live in New York...a crazy ball of sound: Mexican coastal traditions meet Sam Cooke in the Bronx!" --Dan Zanes, Grammy Award Winner, USA TODAY

"The Villalobos Brothers have established themselves into the international music scene with concerts in the realm of the extraordinary..." --Jorge Vásquez Pacheco, EL HERALDO


Masterfully blending the indigenous rhythms and melodies of their native Veracruz, Mexico with the intricate harmonies of jazz and classical music, the Villalobos Brothers deliver an intoxicating brew of musical brilliance, cadence and virtuosity that awakens the senses as it redefines the notions behind Latin music. The Villalobos Brothers have been acclaimed as one of today's leading World Music and Classical Fusion ensembles.

A trio of virtuoso violinists, singer-songwriters, composers, and arrangers, they have performed at the Latin Grammy® Awards, Carnegie Hall, the Guggenheim Museum, Lincoln Center, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the 60th Anniversary of the United Nations, Rockefeller Center, the New York Mets field at Shea Stadium, John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, New Victory Theatre, and Teatro Amadeo Roldán in Havana among other historic venues.

They've accompanied and collaborated with many artists, including Morley, Paloma San Basilio, Paddy Moloney and The Chieftains, Eddie Palmieri, Graciela, Dolly Parton, León Gieco, Leni Stern, César Camargo Mariano, Lila Downs, Richie Ray & Bobby Cruz, Pierre Boulez, Alberto Vázquez, Johnny Ventura, Dan Zanes and Rafael Escalona. Their first solo album, "Villa-Lobos", was released in 2009, followed by their second album, "Aliens of Extraordinary Ability", in 2012.


El Pijul (written by Dan Zanes)
Villalobos Brothers


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