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Jessica Lee

The first single "Blue" - AVAILABLE NOW !!

Jessica Lee

Jessica Lee radiates charisma, striking audiences with her powerful, arresting vocals and startlingly honest lyrics.


Jessica’s songs are like personal conversations. She reveals her heart in her music and shares her universal life experiences. In her songs, such as 'I Gave', fan-favorite 'Wake Up', and her signature tune, 'Blue', Jessica draws the listener in with genuine emotion and sincere reflection. Her lyrics divulge the hope and cynicism we experience in life’s contradicting moments. Whatever the story behind each song, she always captures the beauty of each unique experience.


Jessica Lee
I Know You


Jessica's distinctive voice and style of music transcend any particular genre and expose her many diverse influences. Each song seems to reveal a different side of her dynamic personality-- the eclectic mix ranges from lush piano ballads to rhythmic guitar beats to bluesy soulful melodies which carry her always catchy tunes to your ear in an endless variety of ways. This range stems from her love of all music and her exposure to innumerable great artists. You'll hear traces of talents such as The Beatles, Nirvana, Fleetwood Mac, and Tori Amos throughout her songs.

Jessica Lee is a New York City-based singer/songwriter who grew up in Michigan. She began writing songs at an early age and began performing them soon after. Her love of performing live reveals her passion for the human connection attainable through music. Her songs are a discovery of spirit. Her music is energizing and inspiring and will arouse emotions in you that will linger on long after the song fades away.


Jessica Lee
To The Matts (Acoustic)


Roomful of Sky Records heard Jessica perform at an open mic in New York and was so blown away by her style and delivery, that we did everything in our power to make sure we'd get to release her debut album on our label. The rest, as they say, is history...

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Jessica Lee - Blue (Digital Single)
(Digital Single)