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Jason Vitelli

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Jason Vitelli

Potent songs, eloquent voice; this is an artist weaving music on a vast tapestry of sound.


Jason Vitelli is a New York-based songwriter whose passionate writing and powerful performances embody a most stirring character. During his live act, Jason's songs become a confluence of lyrics and melody that hit the audience with fervent force. A smattering of British rock, classic blues, folk, and grunge evoke his emotive delivery.

Jason's journey began as a child studying classical piano performance. This focus expanded in his teen years to include electric guitar, through which he learned how to play rock songs. Thereafter, Jason went to study classical composition at Binghamton University and music technology at NYU. The combination of these skills led him to acquire an ear for many styles of music, allowing him to create successful soundtracks for short film and documentary.

Jason's film experience brought him to start a business, Music for Multimedia, which licenses music out to film producers while also funding new recording projects. Inadvertently, Jason soon discovered that film work left him longing to perform directly to an audience. This recognition motivated him to write songs that he would perform out in public. Soon enough, he frequented the local open mic's, playing popular originals such as 'Zeta Male', 'Stars Align' and 'Last Rites' on acoustic guitar and piano. He also created live shows with Phil Robinson through their collaboration, Scarlet Street. In time however, Jason went out on his own to perform solo and has been playing the NYC circuit ever since. As he performs, he continues to write about life, turning its tumultuousness into a palatable form.



Jason's past projects include the Elojes Dance Theater ballet, "Alice in Wonderland", which debuted Off-Broadway in the summer of 2006. Jason has also collaborated with film directors Kevin McCormack (Columbia University) and Adam Baron (NYU) on their respective short films "Exit Love Story" and "Love and Deaf". While working at the music production company Whirled Music, Jason assisted Gary Pozner for the History Channel documentaries "The French Revolution" and "The Quest for King Arthur". He has also transversed the video-game realm, where he contributed music pieces to an interactive Flash version of "Alice in Wonderland" by Elsie Pinhsun.

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Jason Vitelli - No Photographs
No Photographs


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