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Erik‑Peter Mortensen

Erik-Peter Mortensen

Supplementing a successful career in choral music, singer/songwriter/composer Erik-Peter blends rock/pop, world and electronica influences with classical and baroque techniques in order to create a transcendent music that's ancient, futuristic and modern all at once.


Representing the experimental (he would call it 'multi-dimensional'!) end of the spectrum, Erik-Peter's masterful compositions, songs and recordings are typified by a hybrid writing style which combines Medieval and Renaissance modal synthesis with Baroque and Classical counterpoint and harmonic language, all subfused with Romantic passion, in order to create pieces of symphonic & sweeping orchestral impact.

If you imagine the epic film scores of composer John Williams, you're on the right track to imagining Erik-Peter's music-- however, to get all the way there, you also need to imagine all of the above becoming fused with bouncy pop, rock, folk and dance grooves and traditions.

Erik-Peter, or EP, is equally at home with each of these techniques and styles. His wide-ranging music shows us that he is just as capable of creating a strictly Baroque fugue on subjects as varied as the melodies of 'Mr. Softee' and 'Hey Jude', as he is in combining the varied stylistic elements of rock, Gregorian Chant, and classic Hollywood (with the occasional touch of flamenco guitar) as he has done in some of his more recent creations, such as his popular song 'Blue Skies' and the film-score worthy 'Dragon Song'.


First of his family to be born in the United States, Erik-Peter hails from New York and is a fourth-generation professional musician. At the age of nine, he began his professional singing career with the Men and Boys Choir of the Church of the Transfiguration and the Children's Choruses of both the Metropolitan and the City Opera.

Driven by his exposure and passion for early music, Erik-Peter went on to pursue a Bachelor of Music degree at Columbia University. While still a sophomore there, he founded and directed the New York Madrigal Singers, with whom he later went on to produce three CD's, appearing on local radio and television shows and receiving two positive reviews in the New York Times in the process. Erik-Peter has amassed considerable experience both in directing and in singing in vocal chamber ensembles throughout the Tri-State area. He remains a member of the professional ensembles of The Choir of Saint Ignatius of Antioch, Sing We Enchanted, Polyhymnia, and Music Divine as well as a guest artist of the New York-based opera company, Underworld Productions.

As an emerging recording engineer, producer and composer, Erik-Peter is the founder of the recording studio, Papagena Productions, which helps other talented emerging artists bring their musical aspirations into reality, as well as its subsidiary, Cathedral Records, a specialty label whose mission is to expressively capture and promote a cappella repertoire as a living legacy of western culture.

Concurrent with his career as a recording artist, Erik-Peter is also pursuing a Master Certificate in Audio Production, Arranging and Film Scoring from The Berklee Music School in Massachusetts.


Some press for Erik-Peter's ensemble, The NY Madrigal Singers, and what you can expect of their previous release on a different label, 'A Gallery of Italian Madrigals & Motets':

New York Times: "shaped the readings in ways that brought out the texts and their underlying anxieties unequivocally"

New York Times: "...the choir produced a velvety, perfectly balanced sound..."

Roomful of Sky Records is excited to have EP on board to lead us into these experimental avenues of musical possibilities...!

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