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Eric McEuen

Eric McEuen

Guitar virtuoso and singer-songwriter all in one-- Imagine Mark Knopfler, Townes Van Zandt and Jerry Garcia all sharing a single body!


Eric McEuen is a singer/songwriter and multi- instrumentalist currently based in Portland, Oregon.

Eric's music ranges from folk to rock with side trips through other styles such as Latin and blues. What unites these strands in Eric's music are strong guitar chops, heartfelt singing, and an ear for the right musical setting to match any given feeling.

Eric has over ten years of experience performing as a solo singer/songwriter. Along the way, he's also spent a number of years as lead guitarist and one of three songwriters/singers in the popular Albuquerque band Mystery School. While living in New Mexico, Eric also gigged around with fellow Albuquerque bands Mucho Buddha and The Deals.

In the Portland area, Eric can be seen backing up local artist/songwriter Annabella as well as hip-hop act OP, in addition to his many solo performances.

Eric's varied songs, with titles as intriguing as 'John Lennon Gaze', 'Angels All Alone' and 'Going Home', reflect a commitment to each song's emotional and musical core as a distinct world to be discovered. Or as he himself sums it up, "I try not to write things I've written before." Eric also never gives the same performance twice.


Whether Eric plays solo, with a band, or as a one-man band (creating his own backing tracks on the fly!), Eric's performances are sure to feature excellent musicianship, emotional honesty, warm humor, and an openness to the spirit of the moment.

Eric is an extremely rare talent, which is why Roomful of Sky Records is happy to work with him to get his music out there, despite the entire continent that sits between his home-base in Portland and our office in New York!


Eric McEuen - Sunlight at Play (Live at Airplay Cafe)
Sunlight at Play
(Live at Airplay Cafe)