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Bobby Kane

The debut single "Last Call" - AVAILABLE NOW !!

Bobby Kane

Alternative soul with the heart of an angel, the guitar of the devil and a voice that covers everything in between...


What Is It About Bobby Kane?

There are few songwriters these days that place so much of their souls into their music; Bobby Kane is one of them. Every lyric of every song comes from life and life experience. From mellow and melodic to furious and un-tamable, his styles trample the guidelines of modern music and then transcends them all. With a unique vocal style and an ear for warm sensual chord structures, the potential to go down in history as one of the "Great Ones" of our age is evident.
~Anonymous Max


Bobby Kane
Crazy, by Gnarls Barkley
(Live at Cafe Wha!?!)


He's All Grown Up... and he Rocks even better now. I've reviewed this guy before he ever came to In fact, he used my old review in his profile. I have not changed my mind about him. This is an artist I can see making a big splash in the industry if just given the chance. When I first saw him on the stage, he was a talented kid with a lot of heart. He was front man for a band called Stereo Orphans. I remember being at a packed 'Downtime' in N.Y.C., sitting next to his grandmother. That's right. A grandmother at a rock show. Go figure. He started his set with the usual background noise and by the time he reached his third song the entire place was so into what was going on up on stage that I heard a guy "shh" one of his friends that was talking to the girl next to him. Even then I though this guy should be in the record stores.


Bobby Kane
Closure (& Interview)


He's been away from the stage for a while but he's back with every bit of the heart he had back then and more. I caught up with him again in passing. We remembered each other instantly. I was taken aback by how humble he is. I asked him about his plans and what he told me left me speechless simply because he was so sincere. "I need to get back to where I belong." he said. "I don't need a lot of fancy cars and a giant house. I don't need any of those things. I just want to touch hearts again. There's nothing more beautiful than sharing what you've lived with someone that may have gone through something like it and all parties involved realize that they're not alone in this crazy world. There's a love there that can't be found anywhere else. That's what I'm all about. This life isn't easy but nothing that's worth doing ever is. Being able to share that love with a room or hall full of like-minded people makes it all worth while."


Bobby Kane - Last Call (Digital Single)
Last Call
(Digital Single)