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About Roomful of Sky Records

Roomful of Sky Records (RSR) is an independent record label, operated in New York, but serving a global audience.

Founded in 2005 by Phil Robinson, RSR began simply as a fun name for Phil and his community of musicians to release music under, before growing into the successful business venture that it is today, encompassing multiple artists and a growingly diverse portfolio of projects.

RSR continues to embrace the core community surrounding it and has never lost site of its bohemian roots, even as it blazes a trail of grass-roots and international digital success in the contemporary music landscape.

We Love Our Planet

Each release comes packaged in environmentally-friendly materials even when that makes it more costly to manufacture a release than if we used the more traditional, yet ecologically harmful, alternatives. Jewel Cases Bad!!!

Charitable Donation Program

At least 10% of proceeds from sales of all releases are donated to charities or organizations chosen by the artists themselves.