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The Records Team

Phil Robinson Phil Robinson
Founder / President
Phil is a popular NY Singer/Songwriter and Community Builder and is very excited to channel his creativity into building Roomful of Sky Records into the kind of successful, values-driven business that is the very manifestation of what is most inspiring to him. Phil helps to steer Roomful of Sky as it continues to cultivate talent and also as it finds and builds a large and receptive audience for the many talented artists on its roster.

Robert L. Smith Robert L. Smith
VP, Studio Operations
Robert L. Smith is a NY-based producer/engineer. After 20 years of working with the biggest names in music, Bob's resume reads like a who's who of modern popular music-- he's helped shape the sound of recordings by Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, David Bowie, Billy Joel, Whitney Houston, Neil Young, Bon Jovi, George Clinton, Meatloaf and the list goes on and on... With multiple platinum- and gold-certified records in his portfolio, Roomful of Sky Records is thrilled to have Bob on board to help shape the next generation of music.

Oz Middleton Oz Middleton
VP, Special Projects
Oz brings nearly 15 years of studio & live audio engineering experience as well as 30+ years as a musician, playing every instrument you can imagine with bands too numerous to count. Oz was one of the first musicians of the Do-It-Yourself generation to score success in the early days of internet radio, landing multiple chart-topping hits on all the major sites with his own original songs. A consummate industry player, Oz helps out with just about everything we do at Roomful of Sky Records.

Erik-Peter Mortensen Erik-Peter Mortensen
Chief Recording Engineer
Erik-Peter has over 15 years experience engineering and producing commercial-quality live audio in the exacting world of classical performance, where he's also made a name for himself as director and vocalist. A skilled composer and arranger, E-P has led many teams of engineers on many projects, and we're pleased to have him continue to do so here at Roomful of Sky Records.

Merter Yildirim Merter Yildirim
Sound Engineer / Studio Musician
Merter is a sound engineer & musician with 9 years of experience in audio production and post-production for music and multimedia. He began his journey by playing electric bass during his junior high school years, and has played with numerous amateur and professional musicians both live and in the studio. His interest in the technological aspects of the industry led him to earn his Masterís of Music degree in Music Technology from New York University. Merter's collaboration with Roomful of Sky Records began with his involvement in the production of the forthcoming debut album from The Bliss Jockeys-- a Phil Robinson project for which Merter also plays the electric bass.

Cory Dunbar Cory Dunbar
Director of Promotions
Cory spent three years helping to establish Gotham Records as a premiere nurturer of NY-based artists, serving myriad functions and wearing many, many hats, all the while with an emphasis on marketing new releases. He's also developed his instincts serving as a writer at the influential review site Absolute Punk. At Roomful of Sky Records, Cory helps us create a strong presence for our artists in all the places that will serve to connect new listeners to our music.