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Your Creative Community.
We are a community of writers, artists, musicians, questing spirits and plain old passionate folk of all kinds. We work together, network and collaborate to better achieve our individual and collective goals.

Roomful of Sky Records     Roomful of Sky Events

Two Successful Companies.
Our community has formed two thriving companies which successfully combine art and commerce by taking a grass-roots and do-it-yourself approach to business: Roomful of Sky Records, an indie music label, and Roomful of Sky Events, a NY-based events company.

Join Us.
We are simply a collection of creative, enterprising individuals such as yourself. We'd love for you to become active in our community. There are many ways to get involved, either in person or on line.

Live Your Dream.
We've found that pursuing our creative and personal journeys within the context of a meaningful and supportive community has empowered us to become successful with our creative endeavors. We're confident that you will to.