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The Events Team

Phil Robinson Phil Robinson
Founder / President
Phil is a popular NY Singer/Songwriter and Community Builder and is very excited to channel his creativity into building Roomful of Sky Events into the kind of successful, values-driven business that is the very manifestation of what is most inspiring to him. Phil helps to steer Roomful of Sky Events in creating an ongoing series of cultural events which unleash the raw energy and creativity of NY into the larger community.

Nadya Peeva Nadya Peeva
VP, Community Building
Nadya Peeva is an inspired evolutionary and passionate believer in the profound transformative potential of community. Her participation in Roomful of Sky's NY Culture Circle and NY Mythology Group remains a source of creative vitality and a catalyst towards accelerated personal growth. Her dedication to community building reflects the view that creativity and synergy are the most essential threads in weaving a future that serves all of humanity.

Rich Casella Rich Casella
Host/Planner, Music Events
Rich is a longtime NYC musician who composes and performs his own music. He's the organizer of the NY Singer Songwriters group and, in addition, hosts many social groups. Rich has performed at venues such as Webster Hall and has received nationwide press through Relix magazine/ For Roomful of Sky, Rich hosts events which tend to have an interactive social and musical flavor to them and his music has been decribed as "Pink Floyd on steroids".

Jessica Lee Jessica Lee Reitmyer
Host/Planner, Music Events & Culture Circles
Jessica is a vibrant singer/songwriter and actress living in NYC. She has an infinite love for music and acting that stems from her belief that performance transcends even the most intimate human interactions and creates deep, soulful connections.

For Roomful of Sky, Jessica has been a long-time Assistant Organizer of the NY Musicians Group and is proud to be part of such a positive community! She occasionally hosts karaoke nights for the group, to help performers release their inhibitions, as well as our Meet and Greet nights, to help members have FUN meeting one another!

In addition, Jessica is also an Assistant Organizer of the NY Culture Circle. In this capacity, she leads the group in sharing and supporting one another's talents and creativity!


Chuck Heery Chuck Heery
Host/Planner, Mythology Events & Culture Circles
Chuck finds great value in the unique interplay of artistic and academic exploration made possible by the array of Roomful of Sky offerings. He is therefore glad to be able to create and host events that aid in both communal and individual growth.

Emily Paul Emily Paul
Host/Planner, Mythology Events
Emily is a playwright, author and life-long mythology junkie living in NY, who devised her own program in Dramatic Writing and Mythology at New York University. Conversations with Emily at the mythology book stacks at Barnes & Noble were the inspiration for starting the series of myth events in the first place, and she's been an important presence in the group since the very beginning.

Jorge Cabrales Jorge Cabrales
Host/Planner, Mythology Events
Jorge is an assistant organizer of the NY Mythology Group and organizer of the Carl Jung and Transpersonal Group. He is an educator, psychotherapist, perennial seeker and proponent of transpersonal and gnostic principles.

Presently, Jorge is an adjunct professor of psychology at two local unversities and a practicing psychotherapist in New York City. Struggles every moment with nonduality, responsibility, subjective existence, the collective spirit and non-judgement yet curious and enthusiastic about the human condition and purpose.