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As a child, Phil Robinson drew lots of pictures of superheroes.

Eccentricity set in early. His first dream was to write wordless novels in illustrated form. Later on, he started writing songs on guitar, drawing clouds on his walls, and generally founding cultural institutions everywhere he went.

Growing up, Phil survived adolescence with the help of the Father (Woody Guthrie), the Son (Bruce Springsteen) and the Holy Ghost (Cat Stevens).

As a more-or-less well-adjusted adult, Phil sometimes manages to keep the inner demons at bay by adding the gospels of Joseph Campbell and Carl Jung to his personal liturgy.

Despite a propensity to run off at the mouth when writing about himself on-line in the third person, Phil's a pretty good guy. Shoot him an e-mail at and say hi...

And oh yeah-- cats. Phil's allergic to cats.
Deadly allergic. They're like his kryptonite :-(