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Roomful of Sky Records - Home-page
Records Home-page
      Roomful of Sky Records (RSR) is an independent record label, operated in New York, but serving a global audience.

Founded in 2005 by Phil Robinson, RSR began simply as a fun name for Phil and his community of musicians to release music under, before growing into the successful business venture that it is today, encompassing multiple artists and a growingly diverse portfolio of projects.

RSR continues to embrace the core community surrounding it and has never lost site of its bohemian roots, even as it blazes a trail of grass-roots and international digital success in the contemporary music landscape.

To learn more, visit the About Roomful of Sky Records page.


Roomful of Sky Events - Official Site
Events Home-page
      Roomful of Sky Events (RSE) is an events company based in New York and has a more local focus than the record label, in that it primarily serves the NY community.

Founded in 2007 by Phil Robinson, RSE specializes in putting on performances, workshops, presentations, salons, creative jam parties and seminars that empower its participants to pursue their creative or personal journeys within a meaningful and supportive community context.

RSE grew organically out of the tremendous popularity and grass-roots energy surrounding three Meetup groups that Phil had started in New York City years earlier: The NY Culture Circle, The NY Musicians Group, and the NY Mythology Group.

To learn more, visit the About Roomful of Sky Events page.