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Our Values

The Impossible Dream - drawing by Phil Robinson      

Everyone is creative, even people who don't necessarily see themselves that way. Every decision we make is an opportunity to exercise our creativity-- whether we're deciding how to create our art, how to run a business or simply how we choose to live our lives.

The universe can be a cold, unfriendly place; let's all gather around the campfire together... At Roomful of Sky, everyone's invited to sit by our campfire, provided they respect everyone else. We'll even bring the marshmallows!

Working together we can do more and be more successful than any one of us can do on our own. The most stable-- and fruitful-- relationships are formed when people come together in a way that's mutually beneficial.

As human beings, one of our great privileges is to be able to participate in, and help shape, the culture of the day. In a thousand big and small ways on a daily basis, we're all producers of culture as well as consumers-- let's exercise the responsibility that comes with that privilege.

Hey, what goes around comes around... We strive to achieve our goals in a karmically-sound way. Here at Roomful of Sky, it's in our bones; we have it in all our fine print and we even have a 'Karmic Clause' in all our legal contracts. Life's too much of a gift to not play nicely with all the other kids in the playground.