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The Metaphor

The Roomful of Sky - drawing by Phil Robinson      

Paint the Walls.

The idea of the Roomful of Sky was born in 1995 when future founder Phil Robinson drew this picture to illustrate a children's story he had written.

The cynic on the left sees that the sky is only an ILLUSION painted on the hard surface of the brick wall.

However, the dreamer on the right sees that the SKY is the reality, and that the brick wall itself is the illusion.

"Paint the walls of your cage with a dream... then live that dream until IT becomes the reality, and the cage has become the illusion!"


A truly worthy vision invites us NOT to escape from reality into a dream, but rather to work WITH reality, shaping it into the very dream we imagine.



The Infinite within the Finite.

To be human is to live with paradox.

There are always tensions between the 'impossible' things our souls yearn for and the 'possible' things the world requires us to accept.

In each of our hearts, we negotiate our own solutions as to how we reconcile the irreconcilable-- how we find a way to live out our inspirations, when we are bound by space and time and constrained by circumstances beyond our control.

Holding a positive animating vision in our consciousness, even perhaps of something not yet created, may be one approach to cultivating an ability to bear what the world asks us to bear. A way to understand our experience as something, if not worthwhile unto itself, then at least as a stepping stone on a path toward something worthwhile.

In short, the trick is to somehow 'fit' the infinite yearnings of the human heart, into the finite life which this world has granted us. The challenge of human life is making peace with this impossible task of placing a box around the infinite...

...kind of like a Roomful of Sky.

      Roomful of Drawings - drawing by Phil Robinson